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I Raise the Dawn by CrescentScript I Raise the Dawn :iconcrescentscript:CrescentScript 2 0 Angel Bunny Fluttershy by JonFawkes Angel Bunny Fluttershy :iconjonfawkes:JonFawkes 291 25 Android 21 by alcasar-reich Android 21 :iconalcasar-reich:alcasar-reich 435 104 Commission Equestrian High School by Pia-sama Commission Equestrian High School :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 371 46 Commission - Twilight Sparkle by Pia-sama Commission - Twilight Sparkle :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 248 31 Friendship Is Magic 09 P3 by mauroz Friendship Is Magic 09 P3 :iconmauroz:mauroz 451 292 Delilah Sunstar by fireflytwinkletoes Delilah Sunstar :iconfireflytwinkletoes:fireflytwinkletoes 233 54 Burning Corona by xXAngeLuciferXx Burning Corona :iconxxangeluciferxx:xXAngeLuciferXx 149 28 Trixie Tang - Surrounded by alcasar-reich Trixie Tang - Surrounded :iconalcasar-reich:alcasar-reich 473 148 Pinkie Mini by fireflytwinkletoes Pinkie Mini :iconfireflytwinkletoes:fireflytwinkletoes 87 27 Bladerunner Horse by fireflytwinkletoes Bladerunner Horse :iconfireflytwinkletoes:fireflytwinkletoes 59 8 Art's Desire Mini by fireflytwinkletoes Art's Desire Mini :iconfireflytwinkletoes:fireflytwinkletoes 49 7 Mercury x OC Fight (Commission) by JonFawkes Mercury x OC Fight (Commission) :iconjonfawkes:JonFawkes 74 12 RD Chapter 10 Cover by Pia-sama RD Chapter 10 Cover :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 242 46 RD Chapter 9 P18 by Pia-sama RD Chapter 9 P18 :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 269 94 RD Chapter 9 P17 by Pia-sama RD Chapter 9 P17 :iconpia-sama:Pia-sama 302 112



Tagged by: :iconfreefromthefear: :iconmage-woofers: :iconbangingpotsandpans:



1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger gave you and then create 10 new questions for the people you tag.
3. You must tag 7 people and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell peeps you have tagged them.
5. Gee whiz, where did this rule go? I think it said something about not tagging people back but it's gone! OH WELL :P
6. No junk in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You must personally tag 7 people.
For :iconmage-woofers:
I love you in the way that I love Hawkin's Cheesies: I'd marry you but I'm already in a committed relationship with this Reese's Peanut butter cup and package of Junior Mints. But we can still be friends.
What does the fox say?
What did the duck say to the man running the stand?
Got any grap-- *man blows head off of duck with a 12 gauge shotgun*
If you were an animal, what would you be?
The duck D:
Change my mind, I want to be whatever this things is!
Do you like mah booteh? CC
Nah gurl, I don't yah bootehs. I wuv yah's booteh! It fine!
What do you say?
You're welcome!
WHO IS JESUS? ( Inside joke. If you get it, here is a cookie... )
Potsy is Jesus
Favorite movie?
White Chicks
For :iconfreefromthefear:
1. Are these the droids you're looking for? 
Yes they are... wait, did you say droids or roids?
2. Why do you believe you should be the next avatar?
Because I am Black Manta, that's why.
3. What is the purpose of life?
To watch every single anime ever made in the history of the world. Period.
4. Why is Pepsi not a real soda? (jk I love it.)
Because people buy it when there's no more Coke (I love Pepsi too <3)
5. What is wrong with your face?
It's too damn sexy
6. What is the first thing you think of when my name appears in your DA watch list? 
I think how did they manage to get the lime in the coconut.
7. Do the nan nan nan I do the nan? 
Nan (as in nah (as in no (as in NO)))
8. Muffin button?
See above comment
9. Are bow ties cool?
See above comment as to regards to his comment.
10. Doctor WHO?!
How about Doctor See above comment?
For :iconbangingpotsandpans:
1. What special power would your pet unicorn have?
The power to shoot out Pesto Spaghetti
2. What is your standing on whether or not gravity has an effect on the average clumsiness level of humans?
It depends if I'm balancing an apple or a grand piano while on a tightrope miles above the city.
3. Your opinion on platypuses?
God just used the leftover parts in the bin while intoxicated. He did the same thing when he made Rosy O'Donnell, ergo: Rosy O'Donnell is a Platypus.
Femdom. (lol... is he kidding? We'll never know!)
5. Fave snack evar?
6. Describe what your imaginary friend looked like? If you didn't or don't have one, just make up on that you would think it would look like.
My imaginary friend was a two headed giraffe... No idea why, I must have been high when I was four.
7. Fave meal?
Macaroni and :iconfreefromthefear:
Only when it's ALL THE MUZAKS
None of them.
10. If you could have ANY accent in the world (other than your own) what would it be?
Your silly American accent! It's adorable! :3
My questions bitches!
1. What's your favourite superhero?
2. I have this dry spot on my back, do you know how to get rid of it?
3. Sex?
4. Sex!
5.Do you support best ship Sparity (If you don't then you can go die (okay that was a little harsh, but still how can you hate the Sparity?)
6. What's your Favourite Anime?
7. Why do you think that I am best Princess?
8. Did you know that by night, I am actually Black Manta?
9. Black Manta and Booster Gold need their own Super hero comic where they save the KISS concert and then later go burn down an orphanage, don't you agree? If so or not, why?
10. Do you think this sexy dress makes me look sexy?
Tag, you're it:



comish comish comish


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